Beam Development

We are bringing all our specialist construction experience and background into the property development arena. Working in partnership with other experts in the industry, Beam Development is creating results with our familiar collaborative approach. Over the past 5 years at Beam, we have created an innovative construction management system which we use to run all our building projects.

We combine

Highly detailed scope and costings
Macro and micro planning
Purchase ordering and cost control
Financial and progress reporting for weekly review.

With our experience in higher level project management and our ongoing dedication to forward planning and quality, we are very well placed to deliver. We are interested in expanding our network of partners and finding new projects to work on.

Apsley House

A recent project completed with a developer in Putney. We added a 4th floor to an existing building to create 2 new apartments of x m2 each. There were 2 existing apartments on the 3rd floor to be fully re-configured. The construction phase took place whilst all 16 offices on the lower floors were occupied. Tenancies for all 4 apartments were secured before the build was complete.